Virtual Outreach

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址’s Outreach programme has been expanded to include virtual talks and remotely accessible resources to enable eligible schools and colleges to continue to access advice, guidance and encouragement.

Year 12 students may be interested in 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址's Virtual Study Days

What is Virtual Outreach?

A full suite of Outreach talks are available under the Virtual Outreach programme, with sessions suitable for Years 6-13. Session lengths range from 20 minutes (there are long and short versions offered for a number of talks) to 1 hour, and offer accessible advice and guidance about Higher Education, including Oxbridge and other highly selective universities. Sixth form-targeted resources cover elements of the application process, such as writing personal statements and the interview process.

Sessions can be delivered live using a platform to suit your school/college’s needs, or offered in a pre-recorded MP4 format which can be shared or uploaded to VLEs or other virtual classroom platforms. Sessions can include or be followed up by live or pre-recorded Q&A sessions with our Outreach Officer and, subject to availability, Student Ambassadors.

Please contact the Outreach Officer for more information on the virtual sessions currently available. It may be possible to accommodate requests outside of the current offering: please enquire.

Who is eligible?

巴黎人贵宾会官方网址’s Outreach programme is open to state schools and colleges in its 7 UK link areas, covering parts of West London and the West Midlands:

  • Kensington & Chelsea
  • Richmond
  • Dudley
  • Walsall
  • Wolverhampton
  • Worcestershire
  • Herefordshire

巴黎人贵宾会官方网址 also works with educational organisations and charities supporting students from disadvantaged or underrepresented groups, particularly from our link areas. The Outreach programme is focused on the state sector.

Oxford runs a regionalised Outreach scheme. You can look up the Link College for your area here: we recommend contacting the relevant Link College with any queries in the first instance, as they will be best place to advise on what is available for your area.

Questions from any schools or prospective applicants are always welcomed via email by our Admissions and Outreach staff.

Can I book a visit to 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址/from the Outreach Officer instead?

At present, Virtual Outreach is the only element of our programme available. This webpage will be updated to reflect any changes to this status.

When will Virtual Outreach be available?

It is anticipated that Virtual Outreach will be available indefinitely, even when in-person visits to and from schools are able to resume. This hybrid approach will enable link schools and colleges to access the programme in the way which suits their needs best, and further increase the number of events 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址 is able to run or support each year.

Want to know more or get involved?

Virtual Outreach sessions can be requested using this form.

Alternatively, to find out more or enquire about booking a virtual session for your school/college, please contact the Outreach Officer:

If you are a school or individual with other questions regarding applying to 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址, you are also welcome to contact Admissions: