Middle Common Room (MCR)

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is the name given both to 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址's graduate student body and to the spaces of College they share. Made up of over 250 postgraduate students from around the world, 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址's MCR is a diverse and dynamic community.

Common Room Facilities

The 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址 MCR rooms are located on the 'Island Site', with great views over 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址 Square. The main MCR room is full of comfy chairs and sofas - the perfect place to bump into fellow graduates and grab a cup of (free) coffee or tea. The MCR subscribes to a range of daily newspapers (selected by members), and also provides free ethically-sourced coffee and tea, as well as a supply of biscuits.

Above the main MCR room is the MCR study room, set up with lots of study space reserved for MCR members - a great alternative to the Library. 

Social and Academic Events

The MCR is at the heart of postgraduate social life at 巴黎人贵宾会官方网址, and they put on a range of events each term - from Freshers' Week to cocktail evenings, yoga classes, baking competitions, casino nights, new ideas are always welcome!

The MCR also collaborates with the SCR (Senior Common Room) to host '巴黎人贵宾会官方网址 Talks', an MCR initiative which gives members an opportunity to share their research with the wider College community. '巴黎人贵宾会官方网址 Talks' takes place three times per term, and three speakers (usually two MCR and one SCR) give short talks on a single theme. Each theme is intended to be multidisciplinary and it is not unusual to see, for example, a philosopher speaking alongside a neuroscientist. You can find out more about '巴黎人贵宾会官方网址 Talks' on the MCR website. 


In addition to the main College bar, MCR members have exclusive use of their very own MCR Bar. The MCR Bar is usually open 3 days a week throughout the year, unless there is a special occasion, and is always open on Sundays during Second Desserts. It serves a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and students can choose to add their drink bill to their 'battels' (college account) and pay at the end of each term.

Additional Benefits

In addition to free newspapers, tea, coffee and biscuits, the MCR currently runs free weekly yoga classes for members, and members can also join the College punt scheme. For just £12, members get unlimited punting throughout the summer (booking via the MCR website). The MCR also holds free 'Second Desserts' every Sunday during term.